Kitchen hygiene

Proper handling before serving

Poultry is easily digestible, tender and low in fat and therefore well suited to every season and every occasion, but especially when handling meat, several rules should be followed.

When cooking in general you should make sure to wash your hands regularly and only use clean working utensils, towels and aprons. Avoid wearing jewellery on your hands and tie back long hair, as you won’t want to find one later in your dinner. The meat should always be cooked through.

Shopping and transportation
Especially at high temperatures, it is important to keep the meat chilled. In order to ensure that the meat is kept cold all the way from the shop to your home, you should store the meat properly. Cool bags with ice packs are ideal for this purpose. The meat should be placed in the fridge on arrival.

Storage and preparation
At home too, the meat should be kept in the refrigerator at under +4 C ° and consumed as quickly as possible. To be on the safe side, the fridge temperature can be checked with a thermometer and the setting corrected. Once a week, the refrigerator should be cleared out and all the food checked to see how long it keeps. Especially on days when the refrigerator is opened frequently, keep an eye on the right temperature setting.

On the packaging of fresh poultry and fresh poultry parts, you will find the best-before date. It says, for example, “When stored at below +4 ° C, use by...”. Provided the poultry is kept in the refrigerator, you should have eaten the poultry by this date.
Frozen or deep-frozen poultry can be kept for longer. On frozen and deep frozen poultry, the words “best before ...” are printed on the packaging. Frozen and deep-frozen poultry and poultry parts can be kept in the original packaging in the freezer compartment, in the freezer or in the three-star compartment of your refrigerator at -18 ° C until the best-before date.
When defrosting deep-frozen poultry, take care that it does not defrost in the packaging, but in a suitable vessel that catches the dripping juice separately, in the refrigerator.
When preparing poultry, it is important to note that it is not suitable for eating raw and should therefore be cooked through completely, whether you grill, fry, stew, or boil it. After cooking, all the equipment and work surfaces used should be cleaned with hot water and washing-up liquid to prevent the spread of germs. Finally, you should also wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.