As a manufacturer of poultry specialities our aim is to constantly improve the quality, safety and efficiency of our products and procedures. This also includes treating the environment with respect and in a responsible manner so that it is preserved for future generations.

For us, operational environmental protection means using natural raw materials and resources in an economical and sustainable fashion, manufacturing our products with minimal effects on the environment, complying with any environmental laws, reducing waste and using energies sparingly and specifically. This applies to the entire production chain of our vertically integrated system.

In addition to complying with administrative environmental requirements, laws and regulations, we also constantly improve operational environmental protection. The multiple use of fresh water, energy measurements to reduce electricity peaks or the use of heat recovery systems are only a few examples of our efforts towards operational environmental protection.

When it comes to procuring our raw and auxiliary materials we pay attention to ecological criteria and favour suppliers that take quality, efficiency and sustainability into consideration when it comes to their work processes and use of resources.

Successful environmental protection can only be achieved with the active participation of all employees. The responsibility for environmental action as well as the provision of the necessary means concerns every employee in our company. All management staff acts as an example and supports this conduct.

Development, manufacturing and sale of our products is organised by our employees in such a way that the environmental effects involved are reduced to a reasonable minimum on a technical and economic level.

In order to be successful in the future in the area of environmental protection we have an open dialogue with customers, suppliers, administrative offices and the interested public on environmental subjects. We happily accept suggestions for improvements.